IELTS MASTER | Describe a person who has apologized to you

Describe a person who has apologized to you

1. I reside in a very serene society and all the inhabitants are cordial.
2. Everybody knows everybody and often we celebrate occasions together.
3. Seldom there is any dispute and if there is one then it is resolved amicably.
4. Recently a family came to live in our building and they took the apartment just above ours.
5. Their younger son, Arun is nearly of my age.
6. And he is a huge fan of rock music which I could tell from the sound that came from above every evening.
7. Initially the sound levels were unobtrusive but after a few days the volume grew louder and since he played it till late in the night, it interfered with my sleep.
8. I thought it might be one off case but when it continued for some days I decided to talk to his parents.
9. His parents seemed like nice people and assured me that they would talk to their son.

10. For few days things went back to normal but then he again started playing music loudly.
11. I again complained to his parents and this time they suggested that I talk to him in person because I might be in a better position to explain my trouble.
12. Initially I had some apprehensions because for some reason I had construed this image of Arun being a stubborn boy.
13. I guess that was because of the perception of western rock stars in my mind.
14. But when I talked to him, he came across as a very jovial person.
15. As I had guessed rightly, he is diehard fan of rock music and told me that for him rock music is a stress buster.
16. Lately he had been under stress because of his school tests performance therefore he resorted to his usual relaxing activity.
17. When I told him that his loud music had been really disturbing for me he sincerely apologized and assured that it will not happen again.

18. Since then he has not given me a chance to complain and we have become very good friends.
19. We share some common interests and spend quality time whenever we get time.
20. Like me Arun too is an avid football fan and his room is full of posters of Messi.
21. He is the captain of his school football team and a complete all-rounder.
22. He is also member of his school drama team and frequently writes for his school journal.
23. He has become an inspiration for me and encouraged me to participate more actively in extra curricular activities in my school as well.
24. I am glad that I could help him with his school work in which he was facing difficulty.
25. It has become a sort of tradition now for both of us to meet over the weekend and spend hours together discussing not only sports but academic interests as well
26. And this practice has helped both of us to improve immensely.