IELTS MASTER | Describe a difficult challenge that you completed or met

Describe a difficult challenge that you completed or met

1. It is said that the day we stop learning is the day we die.
2. I strongly believe that every individual should strive everyday to improve and grow as a person.
3. We should always try to learn something new because it challenges us and helps us to grow intellectually.
4. Many scientific studies suggest that learning a new language or a musical instrument are highly beneficial for our brain.
5. These two skills make new connections in our brain and keep our brain young and sharp.
6. I always wanted to learn Spanish and after reading this research I got all the more motivated for it.
7. I live in a community where quite a few people speak Spanish, hence I got an early exposure to the language.

8. But it was not until my higher secondary I started giving a serious thought about learning this language.
9. After which I joined a professional language school to master my Spanish language skills.
10. Initially I thought that it would be easy given my early exposure to the language.
11. But soon I realized that learning a foreign language is no piece of cake.
12. Getting the grammar and pronunciation right, is particularly difficult.
13. It took me around three months to learn the basic rules of grammar.
14. And I still cannot get some words right out of my mouth, which I know when I see the funny reactions of my Spanish neighbours when I try to converse in their native language.

15. I also regularly see youtube videos on Spanish lessons and these have helped me immensely.
16. I would say learning a new language has not been easy and it certainly takes its time, but the overall experience has been exciting and enriching.
17. And after learning Spanish I intend to try my hands at German.