IELTS MASTER | IELT SListening Test 94

IELT SListening Test 94

Part 1: Questions 1-6
Label the floor plan below. Choose FIVE answers from the floor plan and write the correct letters A-I next to questions 1-6.

1. children’s play centre
2. hairdresser
3. toy store
4. toilets
5. phone kiosk
6. elevator

Questions 7-10
Answer the questions below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/ OR A NUMBER for each answer.

7. How much does it cost to leave your car in the car park for four hours?
8. What is the minimum age for children at the children’s play centre?
9. Which level is the food court located on?
10. What is located on the top floor of the building?

Part 2: Questions 11-20
Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/ OR A NUMBER for each answer.

The agency
• Contented Homes agency began in (11)
• Agency does most work using the (12)

How the system operates
• Minimum time period for housesitting is (13)
• Housesitters do not pay (14)
• Homeowners check (15) of housesitters
• Housesitters have fewer (16) than normal tenants

Advantages of having housesitters
• Prevent (17)
• Take care of your (18) and

• Agency charges housesitters (19) to register
• Agency recommends that homeowners organize (20)

Part 3: Questions 21-25
Where did a majority of the nationalities listed below settle?

Choose your answers from the list and write correct letters A-C next to questions 21-25.

A Melbourne
B Sydney
C Other places in Australia

21. British
22. Chinese
23. Lebanese
24. Malaysians
25. New Zealanders

Questions 26-30
Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

26. Most migrants chose where to live based on
A employment
B community
C real estate

27. There is a trend for people born in Australia to leave Sydney
A because it is becoming too busy and crowded
B due to the inadequate infrastructure
C so they can have more money in retirement

28. Among people who recently migrated to Australia, the percentage who settled in Sydney and Melbourne was
A 40%
B 50%
C 60%

29. The government is considering encouraging migrants to settle in other areas by
A offering tax incentive to employers
B making it easier for farmers to migrate
C employing people outside Sydney and Melbourne

30. The number of migrants living in Sydney is likely to be
A higher than the statistics indicate
B lower than the statistics indicate
C the same as the statistics indicate

Part 4: Questions 31-37
Complete the table below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/ OR A NUMBER for each answer.

ProductTraditional sourceAdvantages of using hemp
Paperwood– ready to harvest in (31)……………..
– no need for (32)……………
Clothingcotton– need less (33)…………….fertilizer and pesticides
– provides better protection for people against (34)………………
Lamps(35)……………..– causes less smell
Carsmetal– is (36)……………………
– decomposes sooner
Fuelpetrol– causes less (37)………………..

(31)                     (32)
(33)                     (34)
(35)                     (36)

Questions 38-40
Complete the summary below. Choose your answers from the box and write correct letter A-G next to questions 38-40.

A. DryB. CheeseC. FlourD. Long-lasting
E. Non-toxicF. ShadyG. Versatile

Hemp can be a source of foods and health products. It can produce (38) containing a higher level of protein. It has many applications in the home. Pain made from hemp is (39) Hemp grows well under (40) conditions. It is an environmentally friendly solution to many problems.

1. A
2. H
3. I
4. G
5. D
6. F
7. $6
8. 18 months
9. 5
10. cinema
11. 1989
12. internet
13. one month
14. rent
15. references
16. rights
17. theft/ thieves
18. pets, gardens
19. $375
20. (home) insurance
21. C
22. B
23. B
24. C
25. B
26. B
27. C
28. C
29. A
30. A
31. 4 months
32. bleach
33. water/ irrigation
34. skin cancer
35. whale oil
36. cheaper/ less expensive
37. (air) pollution
38. C
39. E
40. A