IELTS MASTER | IELTS Listening Test 66

IELTS Listening Test 66

Part 1: Questions 1-10
Complete the notes below. Write ONE WORD OR A NUMBER.

Things to do before we go
Collect the currency
Cancel appointment with the (1) (Monday)
Begin taking the (2) (Tuesday)
Buy (3) , a small bag, a spare (4) , an electrical (5)
Book a (6)
Instructions for Laura’s mum
Feed the cat
Vet’s details: Name: Colin (7)
Tel: (8)
Address: Fore street (opposite the (9) )
Water the plants
Meet the heating engineer on (10)

Part 2: Questions 11-16
Choose the correct answer A, B or C.

Adbourne Film Festival

11. Why was the Film Festival started?
A To encourage local people to make films.
B To bring more tourists to the town.
C To use money released from another project.

12. What is the price range for tickets?
A £1.00-£2.50
B 50p – £2.00
C £1.50-£2.50

13. As well as online, tickets for the films can be obtained
A from the local library.
B from several different shops.
C from the two festival cinemas.

14. Last year’s winning film was about
A farms of the future.
B schools and the environment.
C green transport options.

15. This year the competition prize is
A a stay in a hotel.
B film-making equipment.
C a sum of money.

16. The deadline for entering a film in the competition is the end of
A May.
B June.
C July.

Questions 17 and 18
Choose TWO letters, A-E.

What TWO main criteria are used to judge the film competition?

A Ability to persuade.
B Quality of the story.
C Memorable characters.
D Quality of photography.
E Originality.

Questions 19 and 20
Choose TWO letters, A-E.

What TWO changes will be made to the competition next year?

A A new way of judging
B A different length of time
C An additional age category
D Different performance times
E New locations for performances

Part 3: Questions 21-24
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

Research on web-based crosswords

21. Leela and Jake chose this article because
A it was on a topic familiar to most students.
B it covered both IT and education issues.
C it dealt with a very straightforward concept.

22. How did Leela and Jake persuade students to take part in their research?
A They convinced them they would enjoy the experience.
B They said it would help them do a particular test.
C They offered to help them with their own research later on.

23. Leela and Jake changed the design of the original questionnaire because
A it was too short for their purposes.
B it asked misleading questions.
C it contained out-of-date points.

24. Leela was surprised by the fact that
A it is normal for questionnaire returns to be low.
B so many students sent back their questionnaires.
C the questionnaire responses were of such high quality.

Questions 25-26
Choose TWO letters, A-E.

What TWO things did respondents say they liked most about doing the crossword?

A It helped them spell complex technical terms.
B It was an enjoyable experience.
C It helped them concentrate effectively.
D It increased their general motivation to study.
E It showed what they still needed to study.

Questions 27-28
Choose TWO letters, A-E.

In which TWO areas did these research findings differ from those of the original study?

A Students’ interest in doing similar exercises.
B How much students liked doing the crossword.
C Time taken to do the crossword.
D Gender differences in appreciation.
E Opinions about using crosswords for formal assessment.

Questions 29-30
Choose TWO letters, A-E.

What TWO skills did Leela and Jake agree they had learned from the project?

A How to manage their time effectively.
B How to process numerical data.
C How to design research tools.
D How to reference other people’s work.
E How to collaborate in research

Part 4: Questions 31-40
Complete the sentences below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

Job satisfaction study
Workers involved in the study were employed at a (31)

Despite some apparent differences between groups of workers, the survey results were statistically (32)

The speaker analysed the study’s (33) to identify any problems with it.

The various sub-groups were (34) in size.

Workers in the part-time group were mainly (35)

The (36) of workers who agreed to take part in the study was disappointing.

Researchers were unable to (37) the circumstances in which workers filled out the questionnaire.

In future, the overall size of the (38) should be increased.

In future studies, workers should be prevented from having discussions with (39)

Workers should be reassured that their responses to questions are (40)

1. hairdresser
2. tablets
3. sunglasses
4. lock
5. adaptor
6. taxi
7. Jefferey
8. 0777594128
9. church
10. 30 April
11. C
12. A
13. A
14. C
15. B
16. C
17. D
18. E
19. C
20. E
21. C
22. B
23. C
24. A
25. C
26. E
27. D
28. E
29. C
30. E
31. call centre
32. inconclusive
33. methods
34. unequal
35. female/ women
36. response
37. control
38. sample/ group
39. their colleagues
40. confidential