IELTS MASTER | IELTS Listening Test 30

IELTS Listening Test 30

Section 1: Questions 1-5
Complete the following form with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.


First Name(1)………………….
Family NameYuichini
Passport Number(2)………………….
Course enrolled(3)……………………….
Length of the course(4)……………………….
Homestay time(5)……………………..

(1)                 (2)
(3)                (4)

Question 6
Mark TWO letter that represent the correct answer.

6. Which kind of family does the girls prefer?
A A big family with many young children
В A family without smoker or drinkers
С A family without any pets
D A family with many animals or pets

Questions 7-10
Fill in the blanks with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

7. Although the girl is not a vegetarian, she doesn’t eat a lot of meat. Her favourite food is
8. The girls has given up playing handball. Now, she just play with her friends at weekends.
9. The girl does not like the bus because they are always late. She would rather
10. The girl can get the information about the homestay family that she wants

Section 2: Questions 11-20
Complete the notes by filling in the blanks with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR NUMBER for each answer.


Now Eznina visas are needed by almost all nationalities.
Normal visas last (11)
You need to pay (12) for the visa.
Price may change from time to time
Some Enzian consulates neighbouring countries require you to provide a letter to (13)
You can get information of major embassies on (14) of the student handbook.
If you want to re-enter Eznia, you must get a multi-entry visa.

If you carry a lot of money, you need to complete a (15)
Remember to declare all your items, especially expensive items, on a (16)
You are advised to carry a health certificate. The one you need is the (17)

If you wish to get a youth fare card, you should show your (18)
Due to the bureaucracy in Eznia, you are advised to take at least (19) passport photos with you.

Pounds and US dollars are not very useful now in Eznia, so you should take (20) or with you.

Section 3: Questions 21-24
Complete the sentences below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

21. The woman being interviewed is now working in the bank. Her occupation is
22. The woman usually spends about when she goes shopping.
23. The woman often goes to because she finds them convenient.
24. According to the woman, is/are her most difficult thing(s) to buy.

Questions 25-27
Fill in the blanks with ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

• 50% of the people being interviewed spend (25) a month.
• 15% of the people being interviewed spend (26) a month.
• 35% of the people being interviewed spend (27) a month.

Questions 28-30
Mark THREE letter that represent the correct answer.

Most of the people being interviewed think that…………………………….is/are most difficult to buy.

A Books
B Study Materials
C Foods
D Trousers
E Shoes
F Sportswear

Section 4: Questions 31-40
Choose the correct letter, A, B, or С.

31. What does the lecturer provide for those who are interested in doing extra reading?
A Personal consultation sessions.
B Extra materials, such as a booklist.
C Mid-term examination.
D Free glasses.

32. In the past, time management meant you needed to
A reduce your stress.
B plan for every hour of the week.
C own a good watch.
D set goals and try to achieve these goals.

33. Today, wise time management means you need to
A set goals and work in a systematic way.
B work faster.
C set an overview of your assignment.
D make a list, plan for everything and try to stick to this plan.

34. In this college, students are assigned ____________ at the end of each semester.
A team projects.
B final term examinations.
C essays.
D time management courses.

35. One sign he lecturer mentions that students feel under pressure is
A library books go missing.
B students get angry for no reason.
C lower class attendance rates.
D trouble at the library.

36. What kind of suggestion does the lecturer give to the students?
A Making a very detailed plan of their daily activities.
B Not being so stressed just because there is an assignment.
C A regular one-hour session in their personal timetables.
D Wearing comfortable shoes.

37. According to the lecturer, there are three kinds of planners. They are:
A one weekly planner, one daily planner and one hour planner.
B one yearly planner, one weekly planner and one daily planner.
C one term planner, one monthly planner and one weekly planner.
D one term planner, one weekly and one daily planner.

38. If you want to set an overview of your time, you should need at least
A one week.
B half a week.
C one month.
D one term.

39. The daily planner of time is mainly concerned with
A the detailed planning.
B how to plan all available time.
C TV schedules.
D an overview of everything you need to do for several days.

40. According to the lecturer, wise time management may have the following benefit:
A having more time to spend on relaxation and other activities.
B improving your performance in the final term assignment.
C helping you write better essays.
D improving your memory.

1. Keiko
2. JO6337
3. advanced english studies
4. 5 months
5. about 4 months
6. B and D
7. seafood
8. tennis
9. take the train
10. this afternoon
11. 90 days
12. 30 pounds
13. confirm your nationality
14. page 13
15. currency form
16. tourist export form
17. BM276
18. international student card
19. 12
20. Yen, Australian dollar
21. cashier
22. 50 pounds
23. big department store
24. jeans
25. 45 pounds
26. 75 pounds
27. 20 pounds
28. D
29. E
30. F
31. B
32. B
33. A
34. C
35. D
36. C
37. D
38. A
39. A
40. A