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Who is better for IELTS Liz or Jay?

It is one of the most debated question in the IELTS community. Whether you read a blog or are a member of any IELTS preparation course on social media this question pops up inevitably. Both trainers have their own set of loyal followers and rightly so because their videos have indeed helped so many students to score the bands which fulfill their requirement to study abroad. Please note here that their videos just meet the requirement that is something we are going to emphasize on in the upcoming part. So here are our views about who is better and do their videos really help students to increase their band score.

1.  Point number one – If you are a fresher and want to gather information about the basic structure of tasks in IELTS writing then both the trainers are equally good because in their videos they have eloquently expounded about the basic structure of different tasks that come in IELTS writing.

2. Their videos about vocabulary and point making exercises are also efficient for a starter and will help you to score at max 6.5 bands. Now this is where we want to focus. All this hoopla around Liz vs. Jay is fine but if you are aiming at a score of 7 plus in IELTS writing then their videos are just not good enough. We are not claiming that their videos are absolutely useless, they are indeed good if you are aiming at 6-6.5 bands in IELTS writing but beyond that their videos will add zero value to your band score.

3. Now the whole purpose of writing this article is to save students from squandering their parents’ hard earned money on these videos because what these two trainers are teaching in their paid videos you can find all the stuff and even better lessons for free from other sources on youtube.

4. These two trainers are simply playing on the fact that they belong to an English speaking country and have that accent which invariably lures gullible students into believing that they are indeed teaching some esoteric knowledge which is utterly ludicrous.

5. So next time you think of buying their paid videos just check for other sources on youtube or internet and believe me you would save a lot of money and time and add real value to your preparation.

We do not intend to belittle these two trainers. Our endeavor is simply to apprise students who already have a decent knowledge of English language and just need practice to hone their skills. So students until and unless you are absolutely sure that you need these videos only then pay for these otherwise heed our advice look for other alternatives because these are galore.

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