IELTS MASTER | PTE Speaking-Test8


Section 1: Personal Introduction

Read the prompt below. In 25 seconds, you must reply in your own words, as naturally and clearly as possible. You have 30 seconds to record your response. Your response will be sent together with your score report to the institutions selected by you. Please introduce yourself. For example, you could talk about one or more of the following:

Section 2: Repeat Sentence

You will hear some sentences. Please repeat each sentence exactly as you hear it. You will hear each sentence only once.


  • 1. This module develops our understanding of the theory behind advertising campaigns.
  • 2. Computer software has changed a lot in the last year.
  • 3. Exam results will be available next week from the course office.
  • 4. The most modern agriculture equipment is now extremely expensive.
  • 5. The number of students registering for post graduate research has risen.
  • 6. This semester we plan to specialize in educational psychology.
  • 7. The new drug will be tested in North America.
  • 8. Books which are overdue will incur a daily fine.

Section 5: Re-tell Lecture

A You will hear a lecture. After listening to the lecture, please retell what you have just heard from the lecture in your own words. You will have 40 seconds to give your response.


Answer: Now as we all know it has long been the habit in many countries that teachers give homework to school children of all ages. Despite the fact that a minority of educators don’t agree with this practice it has never seriously been questioned or challenged before. However it may that the tide is turning. These days more people are becoming convinced that homework is virtually no benefit particularly for children in the younger age groups. So why have teachers always given homework? Well the answer seems to be because they are obliged to. Most teachers don’t really believe it has any real value. And the latest research supports the teachers’ feelings about this. Not only does homework have very little impact on children’s learning but it also puts unnecessary obligations and responsibilities onto the parents. These days not all families have the time or the necessary knowledge to help their offspring. So it would seem that now senior educators want to start a new initiative. Rather than giving homework they plan to encourage reading books of any kind just reading and they claim that this is a far more effective method of consolidating learning than wading through piles of written homework.

B You will hear a lecture. After listening to the lecture, please retell what you have just heard from the lecture in your own words. You will have 40 seconds to give your response.


Answer: Some years ago a group of academics from different disciplines recognized the necessity of studying conflict as a phenomenon. They were interested in the distinct properties of conflict as it occurred in international relations, national politics, industrial relations, communities or even in the domestic setting. These academics believed that approaches from different disciplines could be applied to the study of conflict with a view to better understand in its causes, effect and solutions. As a result research groups developed and universities and academic journals began to publish papers on conflict theory as it came to be called. Unfortunately many other academics didn’t welcome this new discipline they could not reconcile it with traditional scholarly practices because it had both a practical nature and an analytical approach. Nevertheless the new discipline continued to develop and the field grew and spread and conflict theory now has the same prestige as other academic areas of research and study despite the early criticism it attracted.

Section 4: Answer Short Questions

You will hear some questions. Please give a simple and short answer to each one. Often just one or a few words is enough.


  • 1. cheap
  • 2. glasses / contact lenses
  • 3. synthetic
  • 4. fruit
  • 5. twelve
  • 6. west
  • 7. water / liquid
  • 8. honey

You will be given 30 minutes to attempt the Test

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