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Section 1: Personal Introduction

Read the prompt below. In 25 seconds, you must reply in your own words, as naturally and clearly as possible. You have 30 seconds to record your response. Your response will be sent together with your score report to the institutions selected by you. Please introduce yourself. For example, you could talk about one or more of the following

Section 2: Repeat Sentence

You will hear some sentences. Please repeat each sentence exactly as you hear it. You will hear each sentence only once.


  • 1. Most teaching staff make their lecture notes available online.
  • 2. There will be a conference here next summer on using the web for academic research.
  • 3. The university has a world renowned school of archaeology.
  • 4. Successful applicants will work with a large team of researchers.
  • 5. Higher number of patients were infected than during previous outbreaks of illness.
  • 6. The final year will consist of four taught courses and one project.
  • 7. He started his tutorial presentation right on time.
  • 8. The nearest automatic teller is in front of the anatomy labs.
  • 9. Newspapers are supported primarily by the sale of advertising space.
  • 10. Sydney is Australia’s largest city chief port and cultural centre.

Section 3: Re-tell Lecture

A You will hear a lecture. After listening to the lecture, please retell what you have just heard from the lecture in your own words. You will have 40 seconds to give your response.


The shuttle was designed to be a space truck; it's a multi-purpose vehicle. We've done a tremendous number of different things with it. It's the most versatile space vehicle that has ever been built. We've used it to launch satellites. We've used it to repair satellites in orbit and put them back into orbit. We've used it to capture satellites and bring them back to Earth for repair. We've outfitted it with the space lab built by our European partners and used it before the era of the space station to do scientific research. We used it as part of our partnership with the Russians, which is still continuing, first as part of the Mir space station, where we actually prolonged the useful life of Mir by several years through logistical supply visits with the shuttle. And now, of course, we're using it to build the new international space station, which is a … a huge international partnership.

B You will hear a lecture. After listening to the lecture, please retell what you have just heard from the lecture in your own words. You will have 40 seconds to give your response.


Answer: Interviewer: In an article that you wrote that I just read, you said you wished you could take everyone back to decades ago to look at the Florida Keys.
Interviewee: Fifty years ago. Think about how much change has taken place in that short period of time. We have managed to consume on the order of 90% of the big fish in the ocean: the tunas, the swordfish, the sharks. They're mostly gone. Until recently people have had the belief that there isn't much we puny human beings can do to change the nature of the ocean. But in fact, we have, not just because of what we've been taking out, and the destructive means often applied to take fish and other creatures from the sea, but also what we're putting into the sea, either directly or what we put into the atmosphere that falls back into the sea.
Interviewer: So if you were going to give a grade on the health of the oceans today, what would it be?
Interviewee: Well, it depends on which aspect. Across the board. Huh. The oceans are in trouble. It's hard for me to assign a specific grade.

Section 4: Answer Short Questions

You will hear some questions. Please give a simple and short answer to each one. Often just one or a few words is enough.


  • 1. heart
  • 2. microscope
  • 3. community service
  • 4. two
  • 5. millennium
  • 6. ventilation
  • 7. chronology/ timeline
  • 8. six
  • 9. salt
  • 10. hide

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