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Section 1: Personal Introduction

Read the prompt below. In 25 seconds, you must reply in your own words, as naturally and clearly as possible. You have 30 seconds to record your response. Your response will be sent together with your score report to the institutions selected by you. Please introduce yourself. For example, you could talk about one or more of the following:

Section 2: Repeat Sentence

You will hear some sentences. Please repeat each sentence exactly as you hear it. You will hear each sentence only once.


  • 1. There are two principal methods of treating disease the combative and the preventive.
  • 2. The rent of land as a part of the national revenue have always been given high importance.
  • 3. The universe which presents itself to our reason is the same as presented itself to our ancestors.
  • 4. IT has induced conditions which can no longer be controlled by the old capitalistic methods.
  • 5. Religion is either considered the paramount issue or the most serious obstacle to progress.
  • 6. What is nationalism is curiously the question that has been endlessly debated.
  • 7. We measure time by days weeks months and years not so much by epochs and eras.
  • 8. Never lose sight of the fact that the art of song is based upon the science of voice.
  • 9. Certain long period comets take more than 200 years to return.
  • 10. After finishing their studies for the current semester they planned a vacation.

Section 3: Re-tell Lecture

A You will hear a lecture. After listening to the lecture, please retell what you have just heard from the lecture in your own words. You will have 40 seconds to give your response.


Answer: As you know there are hundreds of historical monuments throughout the world which are symbolic of great architecture and speak volumes about the designers and artisans who worked on them. However none can compare with the grandeur the complexity and majesty of the Sydney opera house. We will start here at the beginning with Sydney harbor behind us. The Sydney opera house located here in Sydney new south wales lies at the end of Bennelong near the Sydney harbor bridge. The history of this architectural icon is very controversial to say the least. Its construction commenced after a long perusal of designs put forward by Danish architect Jon Utzon who was the Pritzber prize winner for architectural design. Initially his design was delayed because of skepticism based on cost time and the materials which were to be used. Eventually the go ahead was given for his design to be implemented. Its construction was begun on march 2 1957. It took 14 years to complete and was inaugurated on 20th October 1973 by Queen Elizabeth II. Shortly afterwards the Sydney opera house became the centre of attraction for the entire public. Approximately AU$ 102 million was spent to build the opera house. It contains 1000 rooms. Its length is 185 meters and width 120 meters. The platform is made of red granite which supports the soaring white roof comprising of shell shaped sails which are standing atop it and are reminiscent of tall sailing ships sailing in the harbor.

B You will hear a lecture. After listening to the lecture, please retell what you have just heard from the lecture in your own words. You will have 40 seconds to give your response.


Answer: I am sure you know that the quarantine service regulates all the food brought into Australia. This is because it is important to protect you and everyone else here in Australia from diseases that might come with imported goods. Also and this is where I come in we want to prevent pests particularly insects from being introduced into the country. My current research involves trying to find a particular type of bee. The Asian honey bee to be exact and I am currently trying to find out if there are any to be found in any part of Australia. We have discovered a small population in queensland which was eradicated. Now we are very keen to make sure that there are not any more getting in. Now you are probably wondering what is wrong with the Asian honey bee and how it is different from Australian bees. Actually there is not much difference between the two as they look very similar. However the Asian bees are infested with mites microscopic creatures which live on them and these mites can seriously damage our own home grown bees potentially wiping them out. If this were to happen the quality of the honey which Australia produces will suffer. The Australian bees produce a honey of excellent quality and this is much better than what the Asian bees produce. In fact Australia exports nateive queen bees to a number of countries because of this. When the European honey bee was first discovered out in the bush we found they made a really unpleasant honey and they were also too large to pollinate many of our native flowers here.

Section 4: Answer Short Questions

You will hear some questions. Please give a simple and short answer to each one. Often just one or a few words is enough.


  • 1. botany
  • 2. draw
  • 3. parole
  • 4. cemetery
  • 5. ledger
  • 6. parasite
  • 7. monopoly
  • 8. audience
  • 9. microscope
  • 10. mammals

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